Our Mission

At RapL we are focussed on impact. Our platform is designed to deliver bite sized learning in an ‘easy-to-digest’ format. Learners love the simplicity and effectiveness of our scientifically proven methodology. RapL makes employee knowledge your strategic advantage!

We work with you to identify high impact topics

Co-creation of content to reduce deployment time

Continuous monitoring to help you identify interventions

Focus on outcomes, be it sales or better customer service scores

Our Mission

By Linkstreet

RapL is brought to you by Linkstreet Learning. Linkstreet has been at the forefront of edtech solutions since 2011. Our founders come with experience from top technology and consulting firms like Cisco, Bell Labs and Booz & Company. Our customers range from premium universities and companies to course providers and individual coaches. Our products are used by over 25,000 users across 4 countries. RapL is our latest offering, a microlearning approach that imparts continuous learning for the mobile learner. You can learn about our other solutions at linkstreet.in